Friday, January 21, 2011

I Don't Do Tired Well

It doesn't look pretty on me. at. all. Just ask anyone. Anyone who's ever met me.

I even try to warn the kids: "Mommy is very tired tonight. Please help me so I don't get frustrated."

The other day we stopped at Sonic on the way home from school. The kids asked why and I told them, "I'm very tired. I'm going to get a Diet Dr. Pepper. It has caffeine in it. I hope it will help wake me up so I won't get frustrated with ya'll too easily." (I'm nothing if not honest - that's something, right? Yeah. Yeah. I know. Coins in the therapy fund. *clink* *clink*)

Yesterday, I was tired - again. Bone-numbingly tired. I have no idea why. But, it was like the cumulative tired of the past three months came crashing down on me yesterday afternoon. T-I-R-E-D.

I got the kids home from school. Every day, when we get home from school, Spencer gets a snack and then he does his homework. Every single day. I told him to get his snack then start his homework while I finished vacuuming.

I finished vacuuming and found him. Playing in the garage. On his new skateboard. I. flipped. out. I told him he had "no idea how angry" I was. I told him that that skateboard was "this close to going into time-out for a WEEK!" I was mad.

He came inside - contrite and repentant. He sat down to do his homework. I got back to finishing my housework. And, I hear his rational, calm voice say, "Mama?"


"Maybe you should get a Diet Coke. You seem a little tired."

I didn't know if I should laugh... or get a Diet Coke.


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