Popular Landmarks

Some of my more popular posts:
So you can get a feel for who's really in charge around here:
Sometimes I get lazy and just show you funny pictures:
This is what it looks like when I get "deep":
And, because I'm just darn helpful, I even give you recipes, crafts and DIY stuff (and these things I can do - so that's sayin' something):
And, finally (I know, right?!), over there ----> on the sidebar under "Popular Landmarks" are what the "numbers" say are my most popular posts. But, some of those are just "drama"-filled. And, you know how people love drama. So, they may or may not be worth a look - or they may just be good gossip for people who know all the players... bum-bum-bum (that's the drama music from a soap opera, get it?)

Anyway, hope you enjoy the view from some of the landmarks along the way.


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