Friday, January 22, 2010

Because I'm all for a good laugh at my own expense...

This picture was a hit on Facebook, so why should I deny you the pleasure?  The comments were just as hysterical, so they've been included for your pleasure.  Have a great weekend!

The title of this picture:  "Be kind because clearly God wasn't"

Brandy:  LOL does not even begin to explain it. must be nicer to yourself!

Ali:  i know, right?! i think in posting this picture i exhibit clear signs of self-loathing.

Brandy:  It is just such a before shot of a makeover. New hair, new clothes, braces off...and this girl will be cute as pie. OH ARE a hottie now!!!

Ali:  "hope for girls everywhere" - that's the title of this picture. or "it's a wonder what a little makeup will do". or "God bless ionic straighteners". or "don't let your daughters wear neckties". or "it's never too early to talk about eyebrow maintenance".

Brandy:  I think I am going to throw-up I am laughing so hard!

Ali:  and correct me if i'm wrong, but i think i have less crows' feet NOW.

Michael:  Can you hear the high school gym teacher calling for her hairstyle back?

Jodi:  Your comments have me laughing sooo hard!!!! Don't feel bad you should see my 8th grade picture.......I mean BAD!!!!

Ali:  I'll take you on in a competition, Jodi - no way no how can you top this one for "awkward stage".

Kyle:  Ali, would "April 15, 2009...hmmm...oh, yes, that was the day I saw a photo of one of my friends during her 'awkward' phase & was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. That's why I missed that lung cancer, Your Honor" be an acceptable defense?

Jodi:  Oh girl....if I can find it you will be shocked!


Ali:  Jodi - I'll still take you on.

Katie:  nice tie and suspenders.

Ali:  really, katie? that's what you're going with? you're not gonna go with the mullet? well, ok. your choice.

Katie:  but how in the world could I possibly top Michael's comment about your stunning hair style?

Ali:  that's true. it was a good one. there's a rare few people in this world that can top Michael.

Mindy:  was this the year we met? b/c I remember all of us at some point having that psuedo-mullet look

Ali:  IT WAS! That was 1994 - 95 at Murfee! And, there ain't no psuedo about that thing - that's a full blown mullet.

Brandy:  Okay, Ali, I am going to have to say that Mindy is a TRUE BLUE friend. She met you like this and STILL hung out with you! She has seen you through to your swan-song!!! Awwww....

Katie:  you mean 84, right? (I hope!)

Lin:  Love this. I feel you on the awkward phase. I have destroyed all the pictures, but I went through a very distinct phase where I might have resembled Pat from SNL. Not my best school photos.

Ali:  yes '84 Katie. and, yes, brandy, it's a lesson for life. meet your friends at your most hideous and you'll know they're there for all the right reasons - she certainly wasn't pumping me for my beauty secrets!

Shawn:  I married this dude!

Brandy:  hahhhhhhaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa!

Ali:  And, that's what I was waiting for! (actually, I was hoping that would be his response and not "honey, it's over.")

Bryce:  You guys are beyond hilarious. Solid

Kera:  Ali, I now understand why it took you so long to get "pretty" each day in college! That picture is alot to forget about in just a few years!

Ali:  see, don't you feel bad now for pressuring me to hurry? i had post-traumatic stress i was trying to work through.

Chad:  Sweet mother of mary, i love that pic.

Tana:  mullet
Pronounced "MUHL LET"

A hairstyle in which the front is cut trim, but the back is long, left wild and often uncut. Even when the back is cut, it is still longer than the front. It is the sign of the redneck. Alternate names include:
Ape Drape. Beaver Paddle. Bi - Level. Camero Cut. Buisness in the front, Party in the back. Canadian passport. Coupe Longveuil. El-camino. Hockey hair. Kentucky waterfall. Missouri comprimise. Mudflap. Neckwarmer. Ranchero. Shlonc (short + long). Achy-breaky-bad-mistakey. Soccer rocker. Squirrel pelt. Tennessee tophat. Yep-nope.

Ali:  LOL!

Has anyone made this their screen saver yet?

Anna:  Was releasing this picture to the public therapeutic for you? If so, I might try uploading some of mine. :)

Ali:  it has brought me an immense amount of joy.

Carter:  speechless

Brandy:  This will make you feel good. I was showing Abby these pictures. She saw this and said, "That is Ali? That looks NOTHING like Ali!"

Ali:  ahhhhh! tell her she's my favorite 7-year-old niece!

Danny:  *Something* good must have happened between '84 and '85, because I remember you being in sixth grade, and all of us poor dumb guys in fifth grade having crushes on you!

Ali:  ummm. i'm afraid the "poor dumb guys" sums up that statement! :D


Brandy said...

love this...each and every time I read the comments...

Christy said...

Too funny. I was trying to keep my giggling silent so I would not wake up my husband. The giggle restraining convulsions woke him up instead.

Ali said...

that makes me LOL, christy!

Robyn said...

Oh my... Crying literally right now!! I have been feeling nauseous for the past several hours- but now I know where to go when I don't feel well or am having a bad day- your blog! My sides hurt from laughing so HARD! Girl, I miss ya! You are seriously one of the funniest people I have ever known!

Ali said...

awww! Robyn! i'm sorry you're not feeling so hot. but, i'm glad you got a good laugh! feel better.

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