Friday, January 29, 2010

Find What You're Looking For

Yesterday we were making an airport run to pick up more family flying in for the funeral.  The flight was delayed - of course.  But, while Shawn circled the airport 372 times, I stood inside waiting on the plane to land with nothing to do but look around, stop and think.  And, you know what I realized?  Even when you're in a somber situation, if you look around, you can still find lots of things that make you smile.  And, I won't lie, I started looking so I would have something to blog (obsessive, party of one?).  But, then, looking made me notice.  And noticing made me happy.
  • Like the little, tiny girl running to the bathroom holding her hands between her legs "just to be safe."
  • Like the camaraderie that's built between complete strangers when you're all waiting for the same late plane to land.
  • Like the city's slogan plastered all over the airport:  "El Paso - Do Texas Different"  Ummm.  That's really bad grammar, right?
Then later:
  • Shawn missing the same turn three times.
  • Some guy running for political office in El Paso named "Coach John John."
  • Shawn's cousin David acting SHOCKED when he read the nutritional information on a bag of chips and discovered that they were bad for you.
  • His cousin Amy pulling piles of the free food from the Ambassador's Club out of her purse like she was a depression-era survivor.
  • Fifteen adults completely captivated by Baby Laila as she threw her stuffed animal on the ground over and over and over again (to be fetched by the aforementioned obedient adults).
  • Taking pictures of each other in every imaginable permutation.
And, finally, but most importantly:
  • Eight sisters who still take care of each other and still make each other laugh, even in the midst of their grief.


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