Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life May Resume

Shawn and I got new phones.  It made me come to terms with how dependent I have become on my phone.  I knew that everyone's schedules were in there.  I knew every contact we have was in there.  I knew every to-do list item I had was in there.  (I mean, seriously.  If I lose my phone, when will I know it's time to change the vacuum cleaner belt?)

I did not know that the mere uncertainty of whether it would all transfer to the new phone or not (and I was pretty certain it would), would cause me to sit at the dinner table and have what I can only describe as a mild anxiety attack.  My heart was racing a thousand miles a minute and I couldn't catch my breath.

But, now, after two completely unproductive days that revolved around phone set-up, exploration and organization, it's all on the new phone and better than ever.  And, my ability to take deep breaths has returned.  All's well.

Life may resume.


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