Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Mysterious TV

Shawn and I were watching a t.v. show that was recorded on the DVR.  About 10 minutes in, all of the sound disappeared.  Then, after about 5 more minutes of recording, right in the middle of some of the commercials, it came back on.  Until that time, we were completely helpless.  (And from now til the end of time, we'll never know how Mike's first couple of interviews went on "The Middle".)

But, this got me thinking.  The t.v. and how it functions are a complete mystery to me.  It might as well be a handful of magic beans or a genie in a lamp.  I'm even slightly surprised every time I push the button on the remote and it actually turns on.  I read an article on how cable companies work in the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader (And, no.  I was NOT in the bathroom while I read it.  See?  There are some things I keep to myself on this blog.  Told you.) and the moment I finished the article I realized I had no idea what it meant.  I mean, I get how the cord goes from the t.v. to the box (ok, no, I don't even really get that since ours has something creepy called an "eye").  But, how the enchanted particles go through those cords and make pictures and sound - complete mystery.

For that matter, the internet is the same mystery.  I mean how in the world can the words that I type on this glorified typewriter actually be seen by other people?  Can anyone actually see this?  Tell me the truth.  HELLO?  Is anyone out there?!

This is just not one of my aptitudes.  That's okay.  I can accept that.  But, here's hoping the cable company doesn't ever ask for group participation in their technical operations.  The Johnsons would have to start reading.


K.C. Clifford said...

Yes, we can hear you Ali. Now go back to the things you know and forget all this confusion. It's unnecessary, really.... don't you have a birthday party to go to or something?

Ali said...


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