Saturday, January 02, 2010

Things you could have told me ten years ago...

...that I NEVER would have believed:
  • That I would even think I had poop on me.  Much less, that I would have poop on me, yet study it for a good thirty seconds before thinking to myself, "Yep.  That's poop."
  • That I would plot out ways to do serious physical harm to someone if they ever threatened the safety of my child.
  • That I would willingly pick another person's nose.
  • That I would ever kneel so close to a public toilet.
  • That I would have the crusty-faced kid.
  • That I would be intimately knowledgeable of every single piece that goes with every single toy in a playroom full of toys.
  • That I would regularly say "Go put on some underwear."
  • That I could ever love another human being so much - much less three of them.


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