Sunday, January 31, 2010

There are FOUR "Three Musketeers"

(in an attempt to get our life back in order, I was downloading pictures from the camera.  this story came to mind as a result...)

For those of you that paid attention when you read The Three Musketeers (or watched the movie, if you're more like me), you are well aware that there are three Musketeers but a fourth guy that wants to join the Musketeers and works with them to defeat the bad guy (yes, that's my official synopsis).

Mattel has evidently taken a turn for the literary and, in their infinite toy-making wisdom, made a Three Musketeers movie with Barbie girls playing the heroines.  That's what Elizabeth wanted for Christmas from Mommy and Daddy.  Well, silly me, I bought three musketeers.  She opened them on Christmas and said, "Where's the blue one?"  What?  How the hell should I know?  Ok - that's not exactly what I said.  It may have been more along the lines of "I'm so sorry!  Mommy and Daddy didn't know!  We'll get you the blue one right away, Princess!"

So, after looking at every store in town, I finally found her on Amazon, paid THREE TIMES the amount I paid for the other dolls, and purchased the blasted blue Musketeer.  I could not have been more angry with toy-makers and their marketing tactics, until...  it arrived...


Danny said...

A cute story, and true about the frakking toy-makers, but the main thing I'm taking away from this post is that ohmygosh your daughter has the prettiest eyes I've ever seen on a kid who wasn't mine.

Ali said...

That's sweet, Danny! Thanks.

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