Saturday, December 03, 2011

My Christmas Tree is Ugly

I've had a "designer" tree before.
It was beautiful. And perfect. And everything matched.

But, this year. My Christmas tree is ugly.

Homemade ornaments are piled on top of fancy ornaments.
The prevalent decorating style is "clumping."
Ornaments are hung this way and that.
Foam ornaments made in Sunday School are front and center.
All of Lulu's hand-painted ornaments with her name on back...
...are hung with her name facing forward.

But, these were our helpers:

And there are ornaments like this:
(that's signed "Alison S.")
And, this:
And, this:
So, I've had a perfect Christmas tree. And I've had an ugly one.

I like the ugly one so much more.


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