Thursday, January 07, 2010

Grocery Shopping Thoughts

Here are some of the thoughts that go through my head while shopping in the grocery store:

"I think good mothers keep fresh fruit at their houses.  I should do that."

"I wish they carried vodka in the grocery store."

"Chicken.  Chicken.  Chicken.  Chicken.  Chicken."

"I'm the youngest one in the store.  I'm going to come shopping at this time of day every time."

"I like dip."

"I think cumin is yellow-ish.  I'll go check the spice aisle.  If it is, indeed, yellowish then there would be no other reason for me to know that than I must have bought it before."  "Score!  It's yellowish.  I must already have it at home."

And, I did.  But, I forgot the chicken.

It's very complicated in my head.


Springer said...

I don't think cumin is going to be very good by itself for dinner? Maybe flying to Houston so I could buy the family dinner needs to reappear on your list of possible dinnertime solutions?

KT said...

You have much nicer thoughts in your head at the grocery store than I usually do. I'm usually silently yelling at the lady who's poking down the MIDDLE OF THE AISLE, on her cell phone, with 16 kids, totally oblivious that there is a herd of people behind her that need to get by.
Or, sometimes I'm even cussing you because I always seem to get 'your grocery cart'. LOL.
Happy Shopping!

Ali said...

springer - my family would CERTAINLY agree.

katie - i just tried to write the "family friendly" thoughts. ;) but, yes, "seriously? this cart pulls to the right, too?!" should probably be on there.

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