Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My ride home yesterday

What's that black stuff?  (asphalt to fill a pothole.)
What's a pothole?  (a hole in the road.)
Will they have to spray something on it?  (no.  the cars driving over it should smash it down.)
Why are there holes in the road?  (roads just wear out after lots of cars drive on them.)
Will your tire pop?  (old, worn out tires might.)
Are our tires old?  (no.)
Do you have new tires?  (yes.)
Do tires last forever?  (no.)
Do wheels last forever?  (yes. :-/ )
What's that grey thing on wheels?  (hubcaps.)
What's a hubcap do?  (don't know.  it might help hold the tire on.  you'll have to ask daddy.)
What came first, roads or cars?  (cars.  they built roads like this for cars to drive on.  before it was trails for horses and buggies.)
What's a buggy?  (like a stagecoach.  like at the bank building.)
Are those cactuses real?  (yes.)
Is that stagecoach real?  (it's a replica.) 
What's a replica?  (something new that someone built to look like something old.)
What's that?  (scuba diving sticker.)
Why's it on their car?  (guess they want people to know they're a scuba diver.)
What's scuba diving?  (swimming with an air tank so you can breathe through a hose hooked to it and not have to come up for air for a long time.)
Are there fish in that pond?  (don't know.)
Well there are ducks in that pond.  (yes.  there are.)
There's Nanny's car.  (yep.)
Where's Pop's car?  (not here.)
Is Lulu awake?  (don't know.  go find out.)

I felt like I was on a game show.  I was really nervous that at any point he might yell, "You are the weakest link!"  It was exhausting.


Brandy said...


Danny said...

And your only prize for answering correctly?

A lifetime supply of more questions.

Ali said...

true. so true.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

I have that conversation on the ride home from school everyday. And you're's exhausting.

Kelly Campbell said...

I just now read this. I think we have the same son. The endless questions are exhausting!

Ali said...

EX-HAUSTING! (and leaves me to believe i am not as smart as i previous thought...)

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