Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making my Family Nutritious

My friend from high school, Brandy (seriously - I have A LOT of Brandys in my life.  I'm going to need one of you to choose a new name), is a nutritionist.  She has started a blog called My Take On Nutrition.  She has no idea what a blessing she is to my family.  Thanks to her my kids have started having protein in the mornings for breakfast, and Shawn has started joining us to have breakfast himself.  My children are also being "tricked" into eating all sorts of healthy things that, for lack of inspiration, I had just given up trying to feed them.  We are certainly far, far, far from doing this perfectly, but now it's a much less daunting task and I feel empowered to at least try.  Baby steps to a healthier family.

Brandy, from the bottom of this mother's heart - thank you.


Brandy Kitten Scott said...

You brought tears to my eyes...I am humbled. You are so very welcome.

Ali said...


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