Monday, February 08, 2010

Betty White

I stinkin' adore Betty White.  Did you see her Super Bowl commercial yesterday?  From the Golden Girls to Bob Hope "Specials" to Boston Legal to Snickers commercials, she was and is a riot.

When she was presented the SAG Lifetime Achievement award, she said during her sweet acceptance speech that she had "had" some of the men in the room.  Seriously.  How do you not love this woman?

She is 88 and she is AWESOME.  I hope I grow old just as gracefully sassy as she has.


KT said...

Saw her in the Denver airport once -- just a few people ahead of me in the security line. Never could catch up with her after I FINALLY got thru security, but for whatever reason (call me a dork - go ahead), I felt compelled to write her a note. AND SHE WROTE BACK --- hand written. I love her, too. KT

Ali said...

i LOVE that. i wanna see it!!

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