Friday, February 26, 2010

National Pig Day

Happy Pig Day!  Our school makes a big deal about National Pig Day.  There are piggy snacks, hotdogs for lunch, a "Cutest Pig Tail" contest, and mechanical toy pig races.  (Btw, Spencer's pig, Pickles, won his heat.  Seems there's a future for us in Pig Racing.  We're going to start on the circuit soon - just as soon as someone creates that circuit.)  The kids are also allowed to submit a pig picture.  Here are the Johnson submissions:

Nice.  Nice.  A traditional approach, with a baseball cap for some whimsy.  And "he's in a box because we're going to eat him."  Ummm.  Okay.  Some realism, too - because life ain't always cute, I guess.

More of an existential approach.  I cut out the pieces for her.  She glued and decorated.  I'm not quite sure why the pig has seven legs or an unattached tail; I'm sure there is some deep, genius-like meaning behind it.  And, the stars...  well, I'm sure it's something far more artistic than the fact that she liked to peel the paper off the stickers.  And, the bow.  That's because "she's a girl."  Duh.


cmjj said...

That is so darn cute!!!! All pigs have seven legs, right?

Ali said...

i bet the farmer wished they did!

Brandy said...

I was a little grossed out that they eat hotdogs on pig day, but obviously Spencer gets it. No traumatic crying at your house the next time a hotdog gets served up for a meal! (Do you remember my pork trauma as a child?)

Oh, and maybe those are hairs on the pig's chinny-chin-chin! ; )

Ali said...

you're such a good aunt b! but she can't claim that artistic inspiration since she announced, "now i'm going to draw the pig's legs!" just before she did it. :-/

and, yes, no vegetarian in that boy! he looks at live animals of every kind and wonders aloud if we can eat it!

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