Thursday, February 18, 2010

Field Trip

Yesterday I helped shuttle the Kindergartners to the children's science museum for a presentation on "critters" (there was a much more formal name, but this is how I sum up tarantulas, lizards, snakes and tortoises).  The chaperon experience was exactly what you would expect...  :-/

However, something extraordinary did happen.  Through some kind of sixth-sense about how to make adults uncomfortable, the children asked these questions in quick succession:  "How do you know she's a girl?"  "How does she lay eggs?"  "How come she's never laid eggs?"  The skillful presenter somehow managed to answer all of the questions, and move the conversation on to other topics, without ever once uttering the word "vagina" or giving the kids an impromptu sex-ed course.

I stand in awe of his brilliance.

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cmjj said...

I would have loved to hear all of that!

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