Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love Thy Neighbor and all that stuff

[this soapbox is motivated by a friend's spirited Facebook thread yesterday...]

I'm fighting mad. I have NO tolerance for ignorance or hate. That's just about it. Those are my hot-buttons. I am as passive and non-confrontational as they come. But, you wanna "go"?  Just be an ignorant hate-monger. Then, you will see every ounce of shaky-teary-trembly-voiced-angry that is in me.

Well, I'm riled up. About the "Ground Zero Mosque".

First of all, way to go main-stream media for whipping the country into a frothy lather over this one with the title alone. It's a Muslim community center that includes a mosque. And, it is two blocks from Ground Zero (which is a hundred establishments and a world apart in lower Manhattan).

But, let's put it in perspective. Can you imagine if some fringe-whack-jobs did something deplorable in the name of Christianity? (Not hard to do: think Nazis, think Waco, think Jim Jones, think Warren Jeffs. Oh geez. That list was too easy to make...) How would we "normal", respectful Christians feel later if we weren't allowed to build a church because of it?

Mosques are not evil, people. They are places of worship. What those whack-jobs did on 9/11 was evil. It's apples and oranges.

If you're interested in people's "rights", here were some great comments from yesterday:
Mike: "Like the Alamo, Normandy, Auschwitz, Abu Ghraib, and countless other places, the World Trade site is sacred ground because it's a reminder of the best and worst in humans. Religious freedom is no less sacred. In a free nation, a mosque, cathedral, church or synagogue doesn't disrespect sacred ground - it confirms it."
Rob: "This is a private landowner deciding what to do with his own land. There's nothing illegal about opening up a mosque, so there's nothing we can do about it. Don't like it? Make the guy an offer and buy the land from him. "

And, before any of you make my blood boil by saying anything about the evil that is the Muslim faith, please read the book The Faith Club and then get back with me.

Soapbox, out.


Mont said...

Did you see the Daily Show take on it? Golden.

Ali said...

i didn't! is it online?

Springer said...

Ali, this post and the string yesterday reminded me of two quotes.

"Through blurred eyes we find strength and courage to soar beyond the moment. United, we look to the future knowing we can never forget the past." This is from a 9/11 Memorial in Glendale, NY dedicated to people from that community who died in the bombing.

"Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind -- even if your voice shakes" Maggie Kuhn

Thanks for your blog, and your voice, and your strength.

Ali said...

love you, springer. thanks for always helping me find my voice - even when it shakes.

mont! i found it! LOVE IT.

Tales from the Crib said...

You took the words right out of my mouth. Well said. I have so much more to say on this topic but I have a 3 year old begging me for lunch so I guess, you know, priorities and such. But I'll leave with this -- my father was born to a Jewish mother and a Christian father in Haifa. When they moved to England he was not allowed to be Baptized in the church because he was 1/2 Jewish, by birth, even though his mother had converted to Christianity. When they immigrated to America they were welcomed with open arms at St. Christopher's Episcopal church in Lubbock Texas. Because religious freedom is one of the most beautiful rights we have as Americans. My father was Baptized and confirmed in that church. As were my sister's and I. And both of my boys were Baptized there as well. I am proud of my father's heritage, and proud that his parents made the sacrifice to move their children to a country that provided more freedoms and opportunities for their children, and eventually their children's children's children. I'm going to make my son a PBJ now. But my heart is riled up because I can't tolerate intolerance....

Ali said...

please don't make an angry PB&J because of me, amy! ;)

i agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote. i pray for the day our children can live in a world free from prejudices. why is it so hard for us to just GET ALONG or at the very least "agree to disagree"? but, through it all, why can't people just BE NICE. i've never found the passage in the Bible where God tells me to hate someone else.

my CHILDREN know how to do these things. why do adults forget?

Mixtape Jones said...

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Love you.

Ali said...

love you, too.

Reed Family said...

Great post Ali! I couldn't agree more.

Ali said...

Thanks, Tricia.

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