Monday, August 23, 2010


This is what happens when you take Elizabeth's picture (or she tells you to take her picture*) now-a-days:

Reason #347 why Shawn and I are defenseless against this child.

*She tells you to take her picture EVERY time you pass by the big circular cut-out at Target (sometimes Spencer complies with her demands that he be her modeling partner; sometimes he doesn't...).  That's why four of these five pictures are set there - and show all the photographic quality one can provide with an iPhone camera.

Just found these on my phone.  See?  This posing is a very pervasive thing around here...

A couple from our Midland trip:

A couple from shopping with G'Ma this weekend:


Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

So cute! Olivia also went through a posing phase. I likened her to Paris Hilton at the time and could not understand where she would have seen anything like it. Sadly / gladly it passed. Now she just rolls her eyes when I ask to take a photo. Nice.

Anna said...

Where did the hand on chin come from? Cute, cute!

Ali said...

Amy - I, too, am totally torn between whether i want this to go away or last forever...

Anna - who knows?!

cmjj said...

Ali, I just can't figure out where she got this?? I mean, it can't be from Shawn, and you would NEVER be a where did it come from?

Ali said...

right?! it's a mystery!

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