Friday, August 20, 2010

Uggh. Is it still summer?

I'm officially done. I have no more summer anecdotes to share. I've seen bloggers all over the blog-o-sphere talking about having Summer Writer's Block*. It must be contagious. Those posts should have come with a quarantine warning.

In short order here's what I've done that I can tell you about:
  • I've tried every creative method I could think of to deduce my children's teachers for the coming school year.  The assignments will probably come in the mail this weekend; or, at the very least, we'll find out at "Back to School Night" on Monday. Ummm. That's like three days away. Just how, exactly, am I expected to be patient that much longer?! (And for those of you who work at our school AND read this blog - don't worry. I really am pretty convinced my kids are more mature than I am...)
  • I've studied in-depth about the death of the McMansion. And, by "in-depth", I mean I read this article.
  • I spent nearly 30 minutes trying to get Google Maps to show me a street view of an old theater in town so I could jog my friend's memory about which theater is about to be torn down.  FYI - I'm pretty sure it's behind the Dairy Queen.
  • I've had another internal hissy fit over the fact that the html code on this blog doesn't seem to like two spaces after a period. I need it to know that that's how I learned to type and, thus, make the necessary adjustments to cause me as little angst as possible. Facebook does it for me, Blogger. Why do you have to be so mean?!
  • And, now I've typed this riveting post for you. Sorry. They can't all be gems. This one is a cubic zirconia at best.
I need school to start just so I'll have something to blog about.

*I just made up that ailment.  I think it will probably catch on. You can say you were here at the beginning.  You're welcome.


Entertaining Women said...

i believe that McMansions are just one more example of history repeating itself. Remember all the old huge boarding houses from the 30's, 40's and 50's. Weren't there still some in your college towns? Don't you think that at some point prior to becoming a boarding house, they were probably the McMansions of that time. I also think that they will eventually recycle yet again, maybe not in my lifetime; and they'll be given yet another moniker.

evan said...

yes, it's behind the DQ... and I heard Trinity is going to be using that space for something??? since you are SO concerned about it and all...

Ali said...

i am. i have a couple sticky feet childhood memories there - before i got too skeeved out to EVER return! (trinity is expanding their school. they own the property and didn't renew the lease...)

Katherine said...

THAT is funny... needing school to start so you have something to blog about. I have days/weeks like THAT! This weekend I DID have something to blog about - calling 911... and that was a weekend I truly wish I didn't have anything to blog about. I sure wish I could talk about school, but I got blasted one time for writing something about it, so I can't do it anymore! ;(

Ali said...

yes katherine, i agree. i would rather NEVER have another thing to blog about than have it be about 911 calls. hope your son mends quickly.

and, school. well, i guess they're just going to have to have a sense of humor because they will be blogged (although, i MIGHT change some names to protect the innocent. ;)

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