Friday, August 06, 2010

It's Random in Here

Here are more random thoughts that keep bouncing around my head.  I'm putting them down here to try to make room for some coherent thoughts:
  • You know when you're going along, and then out of the blue, you start choking uncontrollably on your own spit?  I hate that.
  • When you go somewhere where there is even a remote chance that you will remove your clothes (e.g., the doctor's office or clothes shopping - get your mind out of the gutter), you should carefully consider your underwear choice.  Believe me.  I've learned this the hard way.
  • When wearing a long necklace, you should avoid leaning over near drawer pulls - again, the hard way.
  • I told my kids to get themselves into bed for their naps while I jumped in the shower.  When I got out of the shower it was like Lord of the Flies in my house.
  • I've heard people say, "Don't try to parent someone else's kids."  I disagree.  Please, feel free to parent mine.
  • I have a lot of thoughts for blog posts that disappear about 20 seconds after I have them.  I bet they were good ones, too.
  • The other day my knee hurt like there was a flaming knife sticking in it - and not in a good way.
  • The other night I was being so lazy I picked something off the floor with my toes so I wouldn't have to move from my semi-reclined, seated position.
  • I'm pretty sure I go to the beauty shop from Steel Magnolias. And, my hairdresser was the one who pointed this out to me.
  • When it was reported that Lindsay Lohan cried on her first day in jail, it made me think of the beginning of Shawshank Redemption.
  • I've been confused more times than I would like to admit over the fact that the most recent bachelorette's name is Ali.
  • The problem with having a blog that your friends read is that every doofus thing you do elicits the comment, "You have got to blog about THAT."


Kathy said...

Oh, definitely, it's bad to choke on your own spit. Especially when you're talking to someone. It's like "Oh. What was that? Sorry." But at least I'm happy not to spray them with spit. That trumps the choke.

I can see Lindsay too screaming "I don't belong here!" Funny. Oh, the poor thing. So much pity for one person.

Ali said...

so. much. pity.

i really can't say if i would rather spray a person with spit or have them look at me in that completely horrified, confused way waiting for me to gasp out, "I'm sorry. I just choked on my own spit."

Mixtape Jones said...

It's amazing how many of these things I identify with. Pretty much stopped after the "pick something up with your toes" one, though. I don't go to the beauty shop from Steel Magnolias. Much.

Ali said...

i knew there was a reason i loved you so, david. we're kindred spirits!

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