Thursday, June 24, 2010

You just can't please me

So, I never go to the liquor store.  Alcohol just magically appears at my house (ok, it could have something to do with Shawn - but, no, I'm going with magical).  But, today I ventured into the liquor store. And, if I do say so myself, I was looking quite young.  I had my hair in a mussed, haphazard pile on my head; I was wearing workout clothes; more importantly, I was wearing sunglasses to cover the tell-tale crow's feet.  Couple that with my high of being carded all vacation long and I thought, "Oh, yeah.  Here it comes.  I'm getting carded for sure!"  (BTW, you know you're over 30 when the prospect of getting carded makes you a little giddy - and you don't even care if it's because the young waiter is trying to flatter you...)  I stepped up to the counter and I got... nothin'.  Not even a second glance from the cute, young thang behind the counter.  But, then I realized, most underage drinkers probably aren't buying 12-year-old scotch.

I'm going back.  And, I'm only going to buy Coors Light, wine coolers and Strawberry Hill Boones Farm.

P.S.  I just died a little bit inside realizing that it was still legal for me to drink when my scotch was born.  I'm buying the 18-year-old stuff next time.


Springer said...

I know things have changed in the Hub - liquor stores on every corner and all. But don't take not being carded too hard. I think you look very young and it sounds like you were in appropriate young costume. In high school they didn't card if you skipped school and went during the day on a weekday (or at least that's what I heard). My guess is TABC wasn't patrolling too much at that time of day and no one was shopping so they were just thrilled to sell that case of Keystone (to anyone). Maybe that's what happened to you. In any event, your reasoning is sound and you should definitely just go for the 18 year old stuff.

Ali said...

and that's why i keep you around, springer! (and i really love the phrase "appropriate young costume". but, you may have to add that as one more point in the argument that you're an "uncool, old man!" ;)

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