Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rewind to Dance Recital

Rewind back a couple of weeks.  Done?  Good.  Lulu had her dance recital!  It was darling and precious - although, it involved a lot of makeup.  Shawn and I had to keep reminding ourselves that she looked like a china doll, not a hooker.

(I'm not terribly certain why every dancer seems to be
doing something different in the next picture.  But, it
didn't matter, they were precious nonetheless.  And,
they sang/screamed their little hearts out!)

She had so much fun, it even seemed tolerable that we had an 8:00 dress rehearsal Friday evening, an 11:00 performance on Saturday morning and a 9:00 performance Saturday evening.  But, the very sweetest part of the whole weekend was the fact that Shawn and Spencer came to all three of those performances.  If Lulu was on stage, her fan club was there supporting her.  I know it will be years before she realizes what awesome men she has in her life, but I'm so happy for her that she will realize just that one day.

(She's in too much awe of the roses to look
at the camera in either of these pictures.)
And here's the good luck note Spencer
drew for her to keep in her dance bag.
It's she and all her friends performing:
(and if your heart didn't just melt a little bit,
you are made of stone, my friend.)

I'm glad we had this experience together.  But, I'm glad it'll be another year before recital rolls around again...


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Danny said...

You know when you have one of those serendipitous moments where you snap a photo that is so good, all you can do is marvel at it, and think how not even a professional could have taken a picture that great? That second picture of Elizabeth with the flowers is one of those pictures.

Ali said...

that's so nice, danny! thank you!

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