Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We've made it to Corpus...

...just in time for a hurricane!  Ok.  I'm being dramatic.  It's has 4 more mph of wind speed before it's a hurricane.  Technically, it's just Tropical Storm Alex.  And,  he didn't mess with any of our flights down here.  So, really, I should get off his back.

Actually, it was a very uneventful trip down - which feels a little bit like Utopia compared to some of our past travels with children.  There was even a packed flight on one of the legs of our journey, so Shawn called dibs on sitting next to the wee ones and I had to sit elsewhere crammed in next to two strangers... against the window... and SLEEP the whole time.  Ok, honey.  I guess I'll take this one for the team...  ;)  But, my lone traveling bliss didn't last longer than that one flight before Shawn texted me that Lulu needed to go potty.  Oh, the humanity!  I have deemed that taking a child to an airplane bathroom is the ninth circle of hell.  (But, then I returned her and went back to my nap at the window - sequestered by strangers.)

We're down here visiting my sister, brother-in-law and nieces; dad, step-mom and baby brother (Damn.  There's another sign that you're old: when your brother turns 21 in a month and you still call him your baby brother...)

But, our trip is already a raving success for the fact that I can report that my 8-year old niece's sarcasm is coming along quite nicely - this is, indeed, one of the true legacies I have to pass to the next generation.


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