Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easter Bunny from Hell

We just received this picture in the mail from the Easter celebration at our country club.  Honest to goodness, I think I should submit it to

This photo has not been altered in any way.  The authentic 1960s feel is genuine - I think it's a combination of the gold sheer curtains, the burgundy chair and the horrifying clashing effect of my children's finery.

Now, why I allowed my children to sit on the lap of a man-eating rabbit that is clearly suffering from mange, I'm not sure.  And, I don't remember feeling that Elizabeth was in mortal danger, but I think I probably should have.  That thing was obviously moments from biting her head off - the flash must have distracted him just long enough to allow her to escape.  Sadly, it looks like Spencer was fully aware of the perilousness of the situation.

This is just cruel parenting at it's finest.

*chink, chink*  A few more dimes for the therapy fund.  "...and I remember this time that my mom made me sit on this horrifying, dirty bunny and she told us we couldn't hunt for eggs if we didn't smile and let someone take a picture..."


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