Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sick Day

Spence couldn't sleep last night because he had a "headache".  He felt feverish to me, too, (Yes, I said "felt".  I've been in this game long enough to know that, unless my hand actually catches fire when I touch their foreheads, it's just easier to proclaim fever than try to read a thermometer in the middle of the night...) so - since I've finally succumbed to the cough that the kids have been trying to share with me for two weeks now (such thoughtful little angels) - I decided it would be a perfect day to have a lazy "sick day" at home.
Well, this is how a sick day goes when you're a Mommy.
  • Be awakened at 6:15 by your son who has completely rallied and announces that he's all well and ready to go to school.  Tell him no, it's a "sick day" to make sure he's all better and he needs to go back to bed and "sleep in".  Yeah, right.
  • Sleep in just long enough that the kids are sure to go to school and tell their teachers that they have to take care of themselves in the mornings because Mommy won't wake up (and however they say it, it's sure to make Mommy sound like a drunk).
  • Wake to help your three-year old practice riding her behemoth tricycle around the garage for the Tricycle Rodeo at school the next day.  Realize she can't.  Flip out and wonder who in the world can lend you a tricycle for tomorrow - whose own child won't be riding it in the aforementioned Tricycle Rodeo.
  • Fold the laundry that's still not done from "Laundry Day" two days prior.
  • Empty the dishwasher.  Reload the dishwasher.
  • Dress the children.
  • Feed the kids lunch and get them down for nap, so...
  • You can take the three-year old to hang with Nanny (who subsequently saves the day by bringing the easy-to-ride tricycle from her own house) while...
  • You and the six-year old go to school so he doesn't miss out on decorating the class project for Spring Fling (An item that will be auctioned to the parents at our annual spring fundraiser.  Item decorated by your child and their classmates?  And you're bidding against the other parents in their grade?  Can anyone say "cha-ching"?)
  • Help with the decorating mayhem.
  • Read to the kindergartners during their library time because it's your assigned day.
  • Pick up three-year old from Nanny.
  • Take kids to their first swim lesson.
  • Go to dinner with sister who's visiting from out of town where you meet your new nephew for the first time but are unable to hold, kiss or snuggle with him because...

There's no rest for the wicked.  And, the righteous don't need it.

I think it's fairly clear that I'm wicked.


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