Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Acolyte

Our school begins each day with a chapel service.  The kids are the acolytes.  They start acolyting the Spring semester of Kindergarten and there are four on any given day.  Today was Spencer's turn.

He could not have been more excited.  We had to be at school a little early so he could get in his robes and practice (with our wonderful chaplain, Paige).  So, we set our alarm clocks 15 minutes early.  He came bounding into our room, fully dressed, with the biggest smile you've ever seen.

They were also taking the CTBS (California Testing of Basic Skills) test this morning.  It was quite a monumental day.  So much so, that Spence thought he better have two scoops of peanut butter with his cereal.  (Yeah.  Yeah.  I let my kids eat peanut butter off a spoon at breakfast.  It's the only way I can get them to eat protein without gagging.  Don't judge me.)

I'm afraid if Spence had asked Shawn "Is it time to leave yet?" one more time this morning, he might not have lived to see his first acolyting duties.

But, he was so proud.  And, we were so proud.


Turning the Tables said...

And I'm proud of Spencer, too! ILY

Britta said...

What an angelic looking acolyte! Patrick told me the other day he wanted to be "one of those boys who helps Fr. Jim."

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