Wednesday, April 07, 2010


This picture came home in Spencer's bag.  It's a self-portrait.

My heart sank.  I wondered if I knew anyone who would know the name of a good child psychologist so we could delve to the bottom of why my son felt compelled to draw a picture of himself with his face scratched out.  And, I listened with half an ear for the telephone to ring with his teacher asking for a conference.  I mustered all the nonchalance I could and said to him, "Hey, Spence?  Did you draw this picture of yourself?"

He said, "Yeah.  I'm a football player."

Well, of course you are.  Maybe I'm the one who needs counseling.

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cmjj said...

OMgosh!!!!!! Ali, that is hilarious!!! But I would have the same reaction!

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