Friday, April 30, 2010


The Kindergartners had a Mexican Fiesta today!  They've been studying Mexico and celebrated the completion of the unit with a Mexican-style celebration.  They dressed in Mexican garbs, put on a program of songs sung in Spanish (¡muy precioso!), watched a real mariachi band, showed us their artwork, crushed some piñatas and had Mexican food for lunch. ¡Aye aye aye!



Some of we moms even got in on the act:
Señora y Señorito Johnson

But, then the party ended and we parents had to rush back to life in the real world.  And, FYI:  Dressed up for Mexican Fiesta while at the kids' school - cute.  Dressed up for Mexican Fiesta while at Wal-Mart - not cute.

Have a wonderful weekend.  (or rather... Tiene un maravilloso fin de semana.)


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