Monday, May 03, 2010


When last we saw the Johnsons, they were finishing Mexican Fiesta at school (and Elizabeth had "Purple Party", the party the Pre-Schoolers have to celebrate the conclusion of each of their color units - complete with purple plates,  napkins, balloons, drinks and all the purple food you didn't even know existed).  Here's how the weekend went from there:

  • A 7-year old's dance birthday party Friday evening.  It was a kid mosh-pit, but possibly more fun for the adults than the kids (and the kids had a great time)!
  • Wake on Saturday morning for Spencer's group violin lesson.
  • Meet visiting aunt and uncle out for lunch - Ali realizes mid-sentence than she's missing the required hour and half prep meeting for Elizabeth's dance recital in June (and there is a very real possibility that said sentence was interrupted by the words, "OH CRAP!").
  • HOUR AND A HALF meeting about 3- and 4-year old dance recital protocol.
  • Welcome arrival of Ali's cousins K.C. and David.
  • Drag poor guests to a fundraising event.
  • Feed guests Whataburger for dinner at 10:30 that night (it's really nothing but the finest when you stay with the Johnsons).
  • Wake on Sunday morning to go teach Sunday school.
  • Lunch with parents, cousins and aunt (uncle has had to leave town for an appointment).
  • Attend Spring Fling at the kids' school.
  • Go home to change clothes to attend the appreciation concert for school contributors performed by none other than my brilliant cousin (understand why they came to town now?).  It was an unbelievable performance and everyone there had a GREAT time.  I'm such a proud cousin.
  • Take guests to IHOP for dinner at 9:30 that night (I mean seriously.  Think twice before you come stay with us.  You will be eating late and you will be eating poorly.)
  • Wake on Monday to take kids to school.
  • Work out.
  • Read to Lulu's pre-school class for their library time.
  • Come home to find that K.C. and David have the flattest tire imaginable.
  • Spend the next 3 hours getting tire fixed (during which time we had a decent meal - and K.C. and David paid for it.  :-/ )
  • Pick up kids from school.
  • Go to Spencer's private violin lesson.

Now we're off to dinner.  There's a chance I'm going to fall asleep in my plate - probably better not order the fajitas.

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Turning the Tables said...

Did Spencer like his KC & David video when he got home from school?

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