Friday, May 07, 2010

Mother's Day Tea

The preschool class had a Mother's Day Tea for us today. *heart swelling*  They made us plaster wall hangings with their hand prints, gave us poems and made placemats to use for the goodies they served us.  And, I'm not sure about all the other moms, but my hostess was even sweet enough to eat all of my treats for me (she didn't want me to wear myself out, I'm sure).

One of the other gifts they gave us was a questionnaire their wonderful teacher had helped them fill out.  Mine read like this:

"There's No One Exactly Like My Mom"

My mother is very special.
She is 18 feet tall.
(I'm tall.)
She weighs 51 pounds.
(And skinny.)
My mother is 4 years old.
(Well, I am older than she is - and she's 3.)
She wears a size 58 dress.
She wears a size 50 hard shoe.
(Trust me.  You do not want to wear a "soft" shoe.)
My mother has blue eyes.
Her favorite thing to drink is Crystal Light.
(I'm just so, so glad she didn't answer "vodka".)
Her favorite food to eat is chicken.
(Funny.  I thought that was Lulu's favorite thing to eat...)
My mother's favorite thing to do at home is help me do my dance.
(I do love that, Elle.)
The very best thing about my mother is that she is "MY" mother.
I love her very much!

Preschool 3
May 7, 2010

Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.


Our Neck of the Woods said...

I am laughing so hard about the "vodka!!" OHhh, that's funny!!

Remember when Joshua told all his friends that his mom likes to throw up in the guest bathroom....yeah, that's up there.

Tales from the Crib said...

teary eyed! love it!!

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