Thursday, March 04, 2010

Unsolicited Shout-out

I have an unbelievable cousin, K.C. Clifford (Seriously!  Cousins.  Our moms are sisters).  She is a singer/songwriter and one of the most talented people I know.

She just released her fourth CD, Orchid.  O. M. G.  Can I use the word unbelievable again?  I honestly cannot believe I used to play dress-up with this girl.  (Random tangent:  The dress-up I remember most clearly was Grease.  And, she made me be Danny Zuko to her Sandy.  I did not like that.  But, if memory serves, I quickly found a way to get her in trouble.  Set and match.)

She doesn't only have talent, though, she works her a** off, too.  She's an honest, sensitive, compassionate, loving, beautiful person.  And, she has a pretty amazing husband, David Broyles, who is her constant companion and co-worker.  All of this (plus a whole lot of other things and people that I can't even begin to wrap my head around...  There's a guy named Will who got props in Rolling Stone, but you have to read her blog to find out about him; he's never had dinner at my house) has come together to make an amazing album.

Can you tell I think she's cool?  Or should I say a "rockstar"? (bu-dum-cha!)  Anyhoo.  Check it out.  And definitely listen to "Broken Things" and "Redman".  And "Songbird".  Oh, just go ahead and listen to them all...

Ok.  And, as long as I'm showing stalker-like fascination with K.C., I'm going to tell you about another song of hers.  It was only released as a single and was aired on The Biggest Loser.  It's called "Raise Your Voice" and it calls attention to the issue of hunger in America.

Man, you are unbelievable, Kace.

"unbelievable" count in this post: 3


Mixtape Jones said...

Don't just listen, BUY!!

Thanks Ali. You're the best.

Ali said...

well, that's a GIVEN! they won't be able to listen without buying (i'm luring them in, see?! ;)

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