Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who's Really Playing Here?

We got invited to a playdate today.  Yay, playdate!  It was time for a distraction from Spring Break.  There were probably ten mommies there with their kiddos.  And my darling friend's house is a very kid-friendly environment.  It's a good thing, because there is a chance my kids couldn't have torn me away from the food table and talking even in the event of an emergency.  There might have been one point where I told Elizabeth to "rub some dirt on it" and sent her back out to play.  There was definitely a point where I looked down and found I was holding Spencer's ballcap in my lap and said, "When did he give me this?"  Oh well, they were in heaven in their own little kid mosh pit.

I was in heaven with "the girls".  It always feels so comfortable to talk to people who have gone through so many of the same things.  We can talk about the specifics of childbirth without sending anyone shrieking from the room.  With just about every topic... We know.  We understand.  We care about each other.  It's nice to get together and be reminded (even if it is in the midst of controlled chaos and pandemonium).

You girls do my heart good.  But, I probably could have done without the twenty-seven pounds of carrots, cauliflower, celery, crackers, dip, ricecakes, goldfish and honey grahams...


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