Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cleaning Up the Child's Way

What is it about picking up that is completely baffling to a child?  I've taken to sitting in the playroom and watching (instead of jumping in and doing it all myself so it gets done "right") while the kids are supposed to be picking up.  O.  M.  G.

Elizabeth picks something up to put it away, but instead ends up telling it a story about where it's been and where it's going to go to be put away.  She will also run things back to her room one. at. a. time.

Spence will pick up.  But, his organizational system is involved and complex and multi-faceted.  The blocks can't just be stacked.  They must be stacked to architectural perfection.  The Legos can't be put away willy-nilly.  The space station must be rebuilt.  The cars must be parked at the starting line.  The airplanes must be ready for take-off.  You get the idea.

Then, when the final pronouncement is made that they have completed their task, I can count no fewer than twenty items still laying on the floor (not hiding or anything...).

I know this is a learned skill, but it's really hard to let them learn it when I just want to shriek and do it myself.  OCD, much, Ali?  And, keep me accountable here, it would be wrong to declare all their toys off-limits so they never make a mess again, right?

*chink, chink*  Putting more coins in their therapy fund...


cmjj said...

Jaron and Spence would get along very well.

Hill Country Happenings said...

It wears me out. Ash can spend forever talking about where the toys should go but nothing gets accomplished. She evens admits to being the worlds worst dawdler. I feel your pain!

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