Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I keep being reminded it's Lent in big ways and in small ways  (but those are between me and God so mind your own business... ;).

It's been years since I've come to understand that God loves us so much He allowed His son to die for us, but it never ceases to leave me dumbstruck.  He didn't have to, but our sins - my sins - would have always kept us separated from Him if He didn't. That's an incomprehensible gift (I can promise you I don't love any of you enough to give my darling boy on your behalf - not even all of you put together).

I don't think 40 days of reflection is asking too much.  So, I'll keep being reminded, Lord.  And, I'll try to do it joyfully and thankfully.  And, when it's over, I'll try to appreciate the gift of Easter a little more.


cmjj said...

I agree completely...I, too, have been reminded of these things during this season of Lent. What a privilege to know Him.

Turning the Tables said...

I know that your boldness is pleasing to God. Thanks for sharing this Alee.

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