Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kitchen Tips

I posted a kitchen tip on FB yesterday and it made me realize, I am just full of useful kitchen tips.  So here you go.  You're welcome.
  • Never cut an apple with the same knife you just used to cut an onion - unless you really like the taste of onion-apple.
  • Never touch a broiler pan that is in a 400 degree oven with your bare flesh - unless you're in to skin markings.
  • Never put your face directly in front of the opening oven door - unless you want to know what it's like for your mascara to melt your eyelashes together.
  • Always wear your hair tied back while baking - unless you want to feed hair to your family.
  • Never cut with a dull knife - unless you like getting stitches.
  • Never rub your eyes after cutting a jalapeño - really, NEVER.  No "unless" or anything.
  • Metal really can't go in the microwave.
  • Always lick the bowl.
Man, I wonder if they're hiring at the Food Network?!



Turning the Tables said...

Never use the wooden spoon that you're currently using to stir the boiling, melting praline sauce to taste test the sauce & make sure that it tastes yummy. You won't be able to taste the praline sauce or even eat it when it's time for dessert. Yep, been there; done that.

Tales from the Crib said...

Yeah, I'll concur on the jalapeño thing for sure.

cmjj said...

My fave is the last one ;)

Kathryn said...

May I add on the jalapeno comment, if you're a guy, after cutting jalapenos, don't go to the bathroom without washing your hands first.

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