Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Holiday

We had Friday and Monday off from school for the Easter holiday.  We've actually had a great time together - I'm not even counting down the hours until school starts tomorrow.  ;)  The kids have finally reached the ages where they're just fun.  They require so much less maintenance.  Being able to load up in the car without a U-Haul trailer full of accessories makes experiences so much more pleasurable.

Friday they helped me deliver some things to the church, then we had a lunch date with Daddy.  Friday night they had a "slumber party" at Nanny and Pop's while Shawn and I were finally able to go out with some friends we've been trying to get to dinner with for more than a year.

The kids were returned early Saturday so we could go to an Easter egg hunt followed by lunch with friends.  They dyed eggs with Miss 'Cilla Saturday night while Shawn and I took in Clash of the Titans at the movie theater.  (I thought it was good.  Shawn thought it was "cheesy to quite cheesy - but good."  You'll have to interpret that review on your own - I'm not even sure if it's positive or negative...)

Sunday we awoke to find the eggs the Easter bunny had hidden around our house, headed off to church and more Easter egg hunting, and completed the festivities with brunch.

You didn't think you'd get out of this post without having to see some Easter pictures, now did you?

This is a man on a mission and girl with some serious booty.

And, this was waiting for Daddy to come pick us up in the car after brunch.
I think the title of this is "All in.  All done."

Today we went to Toys R Us so the kids could spend some gift card and piggy bank money.  I didn't have an ounce of dread in my heart as we headed out on our adventure.  This has never been the case with shopping expeditions.  We all must be getting more mature (and mellow).  We're gonna wrap up the day with a "mini" family date night before we start back to school tomorrow (that just means an early dinner out and a short movie on the DVD player).

So, those are the highlights.  I tried not to bore you with details about trips to the gym and grocery store, time spent picking up the house, cooking meals, taking naps, attending lessons...  All in all I would say this has been a long weekend filled with some wonderfully ordinary days.

One more Easter pic:
This one cracks me up.
Spencer - not a fan of having pictures taken (like father, like son).
Elizabeth - scared to death the wind will blow her hat off.


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