Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break Run-Down

Sunday: Shawn and I braved the zoo with the kids and Cousin David. Tempted to leave children with animals. Or even trade. At least a monkey wouldn't have to be bathed as often.
Monday: Sent kids with G'Pa and Uncle Phil to "check the cows"* and lunch at McDonald's. Shawn's aunt and uncle were in town visiting their daughter and her family. Everyone came over for dinner. A grand time was had by all. And they cleaned the kitchen.
Tuesday: Sent kids with G'Pa and Uncle Phil to "check the cows" and lunch at Chick-fil-a.
Wednesday: G'Pa boycotted taking all three kids to check the cows and lunch. Wuss. But, they did take the kids for a slumber party at their house. Cutting some slack. Especially since G'Pa made me laugh out loud when he returned the kids while announcing that he "has become [his] mother."
Thursday: G'Ma and I took the kids to the Discovery Center to see mechanical dinosaurs and a myriad of all things wonderful for children to climb on and explore. Discussed with G'Ma that the reason these children are so loud when placed in the same vicinity must be because they are Johnsons. (Note: She and I just married Johnsons; that's why we're so sweet and demure.) Now the slumber party is at our house. Fed them pizza, took them on a walk around the block, bathed them and bedded them by 7:30.

My work here is done.

On tap:
Friday: Museum visit and farewell dinner for David.
Saturday: Celebrate my birthday with the kids and in-laws because a) Duh. Why wouldn't I celebrate my birthday as many times as possible? And b) the kids would be mad if a birthday passed and they didn't get to partake in cake.
Sunday: Church. Sing praises to God that school will resume the next day.**

*That's not a euphemism; there really are cows. But, it sounds like a euphemism, doesn't it?

**It really hasn't been that bad. It just makes a better story if I complain. Don't you think?

Add'l note: We "won" the drawing to bring home the 1st grade class hamster over Spring Break. We haven't killed him yet! Holla!


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