Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quotes from Lulu

The car dealership owed me a detailing on my new car. When we went to pick it up Elizabeth said, "'Wow, mommy! It's so shiny and clean. Daddy won't even believe it's your car. He'll say, 'Ali Johnson! Did you steal another car again?!'" AGAIN?!

"Sorry I broke your keys, Mommy. I really am sad. I'm just not crying."

Me: Do you want to wear this outfit tomorrow, Lulu?
Elizabeth: Yes! And, then everyone will adore me!
Me: *speechless*
Elizabeth: Because that's what they do when you're adorable!

Elizabeth: Every girls' Mexico dress came from Mexico. Well. Except for Olivia's.
Spence: I'm guessing it came from America.
Elizabeth: No! It came from Target!

Elizabeth: Mommy, there's a lizard up here and it's going around and around the light.
Me: A lizard? Or is it a moth?
Elizabeth: It's a lizard.
*went upstairs. looked at the light. it was a moth.*
Elizabeth: See. A lizard.

Elizabeth: My dress was beautiful today.
Me: Was it? Did everyone like it?
Elizabeth: Yes. It was so beautiful it broke their hearts.

Oh, if only every little girl in the world could be this confident. And somehow keep it for all of their days...

Addendum (09/16/2011): It was brought to my attention by my friend Lin that I had overlooked a couple of classic Lulu-isms. So, in order to rectify the situation, I give you:

"The rest of you can change into your sporty clothes. We're going to stay in our Fashion Clothes."

"Mommy. I know what an old-fashion car is. It's a Fashion Car. That's old."

Smart. Confident. And Fashionable. She's a Triple Threat.


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