Friday, December 18, 2009

Elizabeth Ann's name

Here's the truth.  We don't really know what our daughter's name is.  One of the reasons we liked the name Elizabeth so much when we chose it was that it had a million nicknames we could choose from.  Here is where you say, "Be careful what you wish for."

I think her full name Elizabeth Ann is beautiful, and she'll answer to it.  But I don't want to saddle her with such a dramatic name, if she turns out to be a simple girl (fyi - I don't think "simple" will be an issue).  Also, except for Emily Elizabeth from the story "Clifford the Big Red Dog", I don't know of any longer first name in the world!  She can kiss monogramming from Lands' End and Lillian Vernon goodbye.

We tried Libby for about a day.  That didn't stick, but Libby Lu caught on long enough for us to start calling her Lulu.  Yep, she answers to this, too.  But, really.  Is she going to want to go through life as Lulu Johnson?

So, then there's Elle (no pressure, but this is my personal favorite).  I call her Elle all the time.  And, about 75% of the time it reminds me of my step-sister, Ellery (whose nickname is also Elle).  That makes me happy.  But, although EA answers to Elle as well, she never calls herself by it.

At school they call her Elizabeth.  Just good ol' Elizabeth.  She answers to this, too.  And, when I'm speaking of her, I, too, call her Elizabeth.  I don't want anyone to feel any pressure to call her by one of her twenty-seven nicknames.

When you ask her her name she says, "Elizabeth Ann Johnson."  "Oh, you want us to call you Elizabeth Ann?"  "NO!  Elizabeth Ann Johnson."  Well, that's not going to happen.

But, here's the deal.  My parents named me Alison.  In the fifth grade my friends heard my dad call me "Ali".  They liked it.  So, I decided I liked it.  I've been Ali ever since (except for that brief stint my freshman year in college when I decided I should be more sophisticated and use Alison.  But, that's another post).  I guess I'm waiting for EA to name herself, too.  (p.s. Did I mention that, when writing, I call her EA?)

In the meantime, we'll continue to call her Lulu, Sister, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Ann, Elle and (Shawn's pet name for her) Shorty Britches.

We'll let you know how this turns out in ten years or so.

Elizabeth Ann Johnson:

Lulu Johnson:


Brandy said...

I still call her Libby Lu. You cannot stop me. Oh, and I was certain that THIS time I would get credit for doing something good (as opposed to bad with the elf) for coming up with this great name (er...names...). Without me this post would not even be possible. So there. : )

Ali said...

you are right. due credit goes to aunt brandy for forcing Shawn and I to agree that we both LOVED the name Elizabeth Ann (and she did too!)

Kcclifford said...

I think I tie EA for the longest first name ever. And if some of y'all older cousins/sibling could have pronounced that mouthful at the time, I think I would have been saddled with the whole dramatic name forevermore... that being said, sometimes a nickname just sticks (ie: K.C.) Although I lack a "Sunshine Band- any band of mine would have to be called "Partly Cloudy" for sure- I have grown accustomed to my 2 letter existence. I think it suits me. And Cherry K. has been heard saying the exact same thing you said about giving me so many nickname options... although that didn't really pan out like she expected. So you never know what'll happen. I think Lulu might be the cutest name ever, (then again, I'm your weird, artsy family member) and I intend to call her that as long as she'll let me.

Kathryn said...

OMG. Elizabeth Ann was our girls name if Luke had been a "she" - LOVE THAT NAME!!

evan said...

I had heard you call her LuLu before... it's cool to know the story behind it! She such a cutie. Isn't it fun to see their little personalities develop??

Btw... my sis-in-law's name is Jerrie Katherine Ann Sanford (last name is Haskin now). Put those initials together... and you've got jack ass. At least with EA you won't have that issue.

Mont said...

I have no sympathy for her.

Montgomery Benton McClendon

Lindsey Perry said...

Ali! One of my nicknames growing up was Lulu too:) I always liked it until my brother turned it into Lucas, and then eventually Lucas Pucas (as in puke, like puke your guts out.) Nice, right? After that I insisted only Lindsey or Linds was acceptable. I'm sure your beautiful little girl will make up her mind on her own like you've said! I still like Lulu though!
I'm loving your blog btw!

ckclifford said...

And it would be remiss to leave out the only male cousin in the bunch...Harold Hazeltine Clifford, IV...there's a mouthful, too! He chose his nickname, Haze, when he left for graduate school, and I think that it suits him. Besides, it's the nickname that I had wanted to call him from the beginning. Just had to wait a while. For EA, I've always loved the nickname Elsbeth, but I am happy to call her whatever she chooses. She is absolutely precious in every way!

Anonymous said...

My parents named me Kellyann Houston Ketcham- that's like "thank you for the country music award" material. Thank goodness I married Mr. Boles, that's a little less extreme. She's precious, she'll find her name. :)

Robin said...

You tell her that Wobin thinks that she has the personality to pull off whatever name sticks (and totally own it)
I love Elizabeth. Jennings' middle name is Elisabeth. Classic

btw She is just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I have a victoria. Wanted her to be Victoria Elizabeth. (how's that for a long name?) but instead chose Victoria Renee( we have the same middle name) middle school, she nicknamed herself. Tori. And that's what stuck. Not vick or vicky or toria -just Tori, thank you! My youngest is Alexandria Renee( yes yes same middle name, little miss Tori insisted ) but there were two in kindergarten & she has been Ali ever since. Not Allie. Or Ally or alley... Just Ali! :-)
Eventually, EA will pick her own! And it will be what's absolutely perfect for her.

Btw, this is Trina Renee Martinez Pecina. Still have to post as anonymous.

Ali said...

you can be anonymous as long as you like, trina! thanks. you give me hope that SOOOOOME DAAAAAAAY EA will tell us what her name is! ;)

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