Thursday, April 14, 2011

How Do You Spell "Narcissism"?

It's weird to link to a post that links to me, right? I don't care. Deal with it.

Wow. Cool, huh?

Now I'll admit, I never tire of you all telling me you like this blog, or that I make you laugh. (Seriously. NEVER tire of it. Don't stop. Why aren't you complimenting me right now?!) But, a complete stranger? Devoting an entire post to liking my blog?

Some call it Stalking. I call it Love.

And he's from the UK. He spells "humour" with an "ou"! I'm totally building bridges. I'm my own little World Peace ambassador. Shut up that we're already peaceful with the UK. (I can't hear you! lalalalalalalala!) I'm saving the world. One blog post at a time.

Sadly, Adam got in touch with me to tell me that, no matter how he tried, he could never comment on my blog. Oh, the horror! Someone wants to say something nice to me and I'm missing it?! This must be rectified. If any of the rest of you, dear readers, are having the same problem, I. am. so. sorry. As, my first act of diplomatic importance, I shall try to get this fixed post-haste. (That sounds like the fancy-talk an ambassador would use, right?)

I hope this doesn't create an international incident. The pressure. You know? It is true what they say: With great power comes great responsibility. I wonder how Oprah handles it?


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