Friday, April 29, 2011

The Post Where I Prove I'm a Hypocrite

I am not celebrity obsessed. I wouldn't go around tracking down the every move of the lady down the street. Why in the world would I care about the every move of a person just because their chosen career is acting or singing? I can admire them for the entertainment they provide. I can love their work. But, go to their house and be their BFF? Only as much as I'd want to go to your house and be your BFF - meaning, if I got to know you; and we hit it off; and you didn't pick your nose when you talked; and you didn't make fun of my hair or my clothes or judge me for my long, rambling run-on sentences; and you didn't have a cat at your house that clawed my leg... things like that.

Now, granted. I have been lured in when the media gives me the illusion that I do know these people. But, I don't relish Charlie Sheen's spiraling, out-of-control meltdown anymore than I would relish the alcoholic-induced breakdown of the soccer mom at school. Nor do I need a front-row seat to the tragedy.

I just see these people as people.

All of that to say: I have not been obsessed with the Royal Wedding. I mean, I knew every. single. media outlet would show me what her dress looked like, and how many attendants they had, and any other necessary highlight I would need to be privy to; and many, many that I wouldn't. I have not been seeking out the Royal Wedding "deets." I mean, really. They're just two young adults getting married. A special day. For them.

I was absolutely not going to set my alarm clock for 4:00am CST to see the pre-wedding coverage and the 5:00am CST wedding. No sir. I did that once in 1981, the summer after first grade, and even then I remember thinking, "Why are these people getting married so early?!" (Time zones. It's a tricky concept when you're 7...)

Then. Today.

5:00am CST:
"Mommy, I had an accident."

5:08am CST
I get everyone snuggled back into bed and I think, "Huh. They're getting married right now."

5:09am CST
I walk downstairs, past the TV and I think, "I'll just turn it on for a second. Just to see her dress."

I've been watching wedding coverage for five hours now.

Y'all! They kissed twice!! Unprecedented! And that dress! And, Kate is so gracious and graceful. And, they seem so in love with their quiet communications, spoken and unspoken. And, did you see how exquisite her sister looked as her attendant?

I even gave Shawn a little dissertation on the surname of the Royal family this morning. He was fascinated, I can assure you. (Cliffs Notes: They don't officially have one. How cool is that?! But, when you're the Royal Family, I guess people pretty much know who you are.)

So, later tonight at 7pm CST Piers Morgan will be doing a complete two-hour wrap-up on CNN. Awesome. I'm there, Piers. I mean, seriously!

♥ Will and Kate! Does anyone know where I can buy a set of commemorative dishes?


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