Monday, April 11, 2011

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words (in Therapy)

My childhood pictures keep appearing on Facebook (Brandy!). And, it has led me to a couple of conclusions about my girlhood.

#1. Evidently, the only way anyone could get a young me to look at the camera was by yelling, "Alison! BOO!"
It looks like it made my older sister, Brandy, a little nervous, too.
My mom on the other hand... quite pleased about people startling her toddler.
I actually added the next one to Facebook myself, with the comment,
"Holy $#!t! Do you see Grandma?!"
And, also?
#2. Someone should have stepped in and stopped all the neckwear!
WTH, people?! "Chippendale Dancer" and "Late Night at the Office" are not really "looks" we should be trying to achieve for our pre-teen daughters.
For all of the brilliant comments the following little beauty elicited, click here.

Forget the kids. This time I'm throwing the coins in my own therapy fund.


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