Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moving Update: Change of Plans
(well, of COURSE there is...)

Loading the trucks took longer than previously estimated. The movers will be done loading today, but they won't pull out until tomorrow morning (time: unknown).

Shawn says if it's uber-early, he'll head out and meet them at the new house to start directing the unloading. Then, the kids and I can make the two-hour trek as soon as we're up and about. Sweet husband.

So, for now, we've turned ourselves around and headed back to my parents' house, unloaded the car and settled in for some afternoon naps.

I really don't know who this "chill" girl is that stands before you today. The best I can figure is that:
  • Christmas presents are taken care of;
  • the kids know Santa knows how to find us (thanks to Jingle* who has followed us from our house to my parents' house faithfully and the PNP video email they received from Santa that showed their location as Amarillo);
  • and no one seems traumatized by this most untraditional of Johnson Christmases - conversely, everyone seems quite happy.

And, finally, there were many fine suggestions about how to deal with my upcoming internet drought:
  • From Danny: take up residence at the public library - internet access for me and educational opportunity for the kids. (win/win)
  • From Jamie: ask the new neighbors if they have wireless and if I can have their password. (That one made me LOL.)
  • From Amy and Cherry Kay: iPad, asap! (That's two votes. And really, who am I to question democracy?)

*Oh, Jingle. How I hated you when you first arrived. Now, I thank you for being a traveling piece of Christmas no matter where we lie our heads.


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