Tuesday, February 01, 2011

As I Cleaned the House...

... I found myself wondering, do Canadians need to have things spelled out for them, or are our American household products more heat resistant than theirs? If so, are there some household products that I should be flat ironing?
Also, if you need to be told not to use a straightening iron on your eyelashes, people can probably smell the stupid coming off of you. Literally.

... I realized we probably need to get Spence's window sealed a little better.
Yeah. That's snow.

... I decided Elizabeth probably isn't ready to babysit.
I'm not nearly so worried about the baby on her head. Or the one who's been put to bed buck-naked. It's the one with her face smashed into the bumper pad that really bothers me the most.

... I finished these. 
I had to. I couldn't count on Spencer to help me. He asked to try one for a snack the other day. I said, "Sure. But, they're pretty wild tasting and kind of spicy. Are you sure you want to?" He assured me he did. He popped one in his mouth, crunched down and looked at me in a way I can only describe as, "Has my whole life been leading up to this moment? This moment when you have chosen to kill me?"


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