Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Kitchen Did Nothing to Deserve This

I needed to make a birthday cake. A white cake with white icing. A diabetic recipe you say? I'm sure I can find something on the internet. I got this. I'm good.

Y'all? Hardest thing I've ever baked in my life. There was flour to sift. There were eggs to separate. There is a reason people use cake mixes out of the box.

I ran my thumb through the mixer.

I flicked batter in. my. eye. (That is distinctly gross, by the way. With every blink. Gross.)

I broke my necklace (I'm not sure that had anything to do with the plight of the cake - but, it happened while I was baking, so I'm using it.)

My kitchen. Looked like this:

There was batter all over the kitchen. There was batter all over me.

And the cake? It wasn't even that good.


I think my plans to turn this into a "crafty" blog just took a catastrophic blow. How disappointing.


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