Monday, May 23, 2011

What did you do after your Apocalypse plans fell through?

So. The apocalypse was lame. In the absence of meeting the Lord, we had to filled our weekend with other activities.

Shawn went camping (like in a tent with a cot!) with a bunch of dads and about 35 kids. I'm sorry. Shall I repeat that for you? THIRTY-FIVE kids.

Elizabeth and I got our toenails done, went to the kids' museum, and ate dinner on the couch while we watched a movie. We win.

The boys came home from camping on Sunday and Spencer was covered in... wait for it... camouflage face paint. I'm sorry. Did you go camping or all lord-of-the-flies?!

Spence and Shawn took three hour naps. (Imagine! They didn't sleep well in the wilderness? That's surprising.) And then we went to a baseball game with Shawn's parents.

The game was fun, but we sat in the sun and the kids got to bed two hours past their normal bedtime.

Needless to say, my children are worn smooth out. I was really counting on them getting to catch up on their rest after Armageddon. But, I guess I'm going to have to come up with a new game plan.

So, what did you do after your Apocalypse plans fell through?


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