Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hysterical Ridiculousness

Don't worry. All of my trials yesterday (seriously. where is that "sarcasm font" when you need it?) did not blind me to the hysterical ridiculousness wonder in the world. Here are some observations for you:
  • I found a freaky, skinny match in the matchbox (when I was getting a match to light a candle to cover the stink from the clogged sink... wait... getting sidetracked...forgetting about "the wonder"...). I even included a normal match so you could compare (because I'm all scientific like that).
I call that one "Laurel" and the other one "Hardy."
  • I heard the song "Papa Don't Preach" followed by "You're the One that I Want" from Grease. Yeah. I was listening to the oldies station, but what of it?! What part of "Papa Don't Preach" and Grease did you not understand? The oldies station is awesome now.
That's a pencil next to it for size reference
(again: I'm all scientific like that).
  • You may rest easy, the term "Bark Nuggets" is in common, everyday usage.
Bark. Nuggets. These two words were always meant to be together.


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