Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moving Update: House(s)

You may not have noticed but this whole "moving" thing is going really fast (or maybe that's just the roaring in my head). So, we made the decision to try to lease a house until we got up there and got the lay of the land. That way we can look before we leap (an odd concept for the Johnsons and homeownership, but one that has been highly recommended so we thought we would give it a try).

Now, when I think of houses available for lease, I think of shanties that have been previously inhabited by no fewer than three college boys and their livestock.

Luckily for me, the housing market sucks right now! Houses, that would have otherwise been sold, have sat long enough on the stagnant market that people are far more willing to lease.

That was the story on the exquisite home we found when we went to look around (and interview at the kids' new school) last Wednesday. Shawn called the owner on Friday (while I tapped my foot impatiently through the entirety of Thursday). And... she had been made an offer to sell. *cue the sad clown music*

In the meantime, we showed our house to some friends on Friday evening... then to some friends of some friends on Saturday... then to a colleague of some friends on Sunday... I swear to you with every ounce of my being that we did not drug, coerce or in any way spellbind these people, but every. single. one of them. made an offer on our house.

Highest bid wins and we're selling our house to our personal friends - which makes me do a little jig of joy. They are darling, darling, darling. And, if I have to give my house to someone else, I'm so glad it's another growing family that will fill it with the sound of kids' laughter. (I'm absolutely aware of how cheesy that is, but, shut up. I'm moving. I'm allowed to be a little bit sappy about the things I love that I'm leaving behind.)

Then, when Shawn got to work on Monday, he had a voicemail that the financing for the house that had been sold right out from under our grubby little leasing hands had fallen through. If we still wanted to lease it, she would love to lease it to us. Ummmm.  Yes, please.

When things work so effortlessly, it's so much easier to feel you've made the right decision.

And, a couple more things I've noticed about moving:
  • My friends don't make me sad - even though the diabolical little wenches try their hardest! I know I will see them. I know I will be back for lunches and parties - we're only moving two hours up the road. And, let's face it, we're all busy, it's not like we all get to see that much of each other at any other times than those anyway.
  • The kids' teachers on the other hand... Every sweet word. Every sweet email. Tears. Every one. How do I take my kids away from such wonderful people who love them so much and have taught them so much? (The answer is that there will be just as wonderful people in the new city who will love and teach my kids. But, I don't want to be bothered with logic right now, thankyouverymuch.)
  • Also, the vultures have started circling around Priscilla. That makes me laugh. (And, proves that my friends are pretty smart.)


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