Tuesday, November 09, 2010

There's just no cute post title for
"We're Moving"

But, we are! It turns out when your husband is a superstar at what he does, people want him to go do it other places, too. (He would tell me I'm wrong. But, I'm not.) So, we're moving as soon as the kids are out for the Christmas break. He will officially start January 1. Same firm, new office. It's such a mix of emotions.

We love our life here. We love our friends and family. We love our house (please buy our house). We love Shawn's office. We love our school. It breaks our hearts that we're making people sad with our departure. But, we also realize there are only two possible reactions to this: 1) Sadness from dear people who think we are as special to them as they are to us; or 2) A rousing rendition of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead."

But, the new position is in Shawn's hometown. He said his parents were so excited when he talked to them about it, that there was a chance one or both of them peed a little. (Poor, unsuspecting in-laws. They have no idea how much we like to come over for dinner; and free babysitting; and foot rubs. And, I think my charming irreverence probably gets old after about a week. But, too late. They're stuck with us.)

Also, the powers-that-be sent me flowers congratulating me on the new move. Well played. I like anyone who kisses up to me. Someone go tell them that I like chocolate cashew turtles, too.

The only foreseeable problem of which I can imagine is my inability to interact well with new people. I'm shy. (Shut up. I am.) If I'm not sure someone will appreciate the sarcastic, dry sense of humor that is Ali Johnson, I just give a lot of tight-lipped grins and "what up?" head nods. That just comes across as bitchy. I'm pretty sure a few of Shawn's aunts had that opinion of me for a couple of years. Sadly, that was just me trying to be "respectable."

Luckily, I have one friend up there already (because God knew I needed one)! She has been a dream. Her kids go to the school in which we're hoping to enroll. Her nephew is in Spence's grade! She's been telling me about neighborhoods (buy our house, please). She's hooking us up with a pediatrician. I already love her in an unhealthy, obsessive kind of way.

In the meantime, back at the ranch, I have reached new levels of obsessiveness with cleaning closets and pre-packing. I have determined that Nerf bullets are the bane of my existence. And, I'm going to sign Elizabeth Ann up for an episode of Hoarders.

So, that's the big news from around here. As evidence by yesterday's absence, I keep finding myself lost in the abyss of one project or another. (buy. our. house.) So, don't be worried by radio silence. I promise to check in as often as the voices in my head let me.

Anyway. Here's to new opportunities. Here's to new adventures. And, here's to knowing that our family of four can conquer the world - as long as we do it together.


**Cast your vote: Should I keep this blog a deep, dark secret from the new people and just blog about them all? That could never turn out badly, I'm sure. (I'm kidding, of course! But, I don't think I'll run up there waving a "I BLOG" flag. Geez. Then I really never would make any friends.)


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