Wednesday, November 03, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

It started yesterday:
  • A glass jar I bought fell out of the car while I was picking the kids up from school. [drat.]
  • Driving to tennis lessons, I missed my exit. [darn.]
  • I took the next exit so I could use the loop-de-loo (yes. that's what it's called) and circle back. The intersection (including loop-de-loo) was completely shut down for overhaul to the overpass. [damn!]
During the night:
  • Spencer awoke with eyes completely swollen shut, red and matted, crying that he "couldn't see" because they were so sensitive to light. This was clearly and obviously pink-eye. Pink-eye for which we had been to the doctor on Monday and been reassured his swollen, goopy eye was from allergies. (To be fair, his eye did look much better while at the doctor's office - so much so, that I apologized for wasting their time.) Yet again, I allowed my maternal instinct to be overruled by someone who is "an authority". When will I ever learn? [crap.]
This morning:
  • I jumped in the car to zoom to the pharmacy while Shawn stayed home with Spence. The lid popped off of my travel coffee mug while I was holding the mug by said lid. Coffee. Everywhere. [$*&#]
  • I got to the pharmacy and they couldn't find the prescription my doctor's nurse had called in. [#@$%]
  • They found the prescription! And... they're out of that drop. "It will be in the next shipment that's coming in an hour." [#&%$@!$#&*$%]
  • I got home to send Shawn (who was being so nice to me it was making me nervous - maybe I'm closer to snapping than I think...) on to work. I realized my car had been keyed. [Is that my maniacal laughter?]
  • The kitchen sink is clogged. The plumber can come tomorrow.
         [#&%$@!$#&**&^ @#*&^@&^%$#]

Ok. That's enough of that pity party. I shall now force myself to see the glass half-full:
  • The jar only cost $10.
  • We arrived at tennis safely, and got a lovely scenic tour of the airport.
  • It's just pink-eye.
  • Don't cry over spilled coffee. Too cheesy. How about, it was time for a carwash anyway and until then at least my car smells like Starbucks?
  • The pharmacist knows me and was clearly working hard to take care of us. That included a call to my cell phone the moment the shipment arrived. (Going in month after month for that birth control all those years really worked out in my favor today!)
  • At least I have a car to be keyed. (And someone else has really screwed up their own karma - that's vengeance enough for me).
  • We get to eat out tonight!

Honestly, y'all? I feel better after finding the glass-half-full scenarios to this day. You should try it.

(But, if you hear about a lady going berserk in a parking lot somewhere later today - come quick.)


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