Sunday, July 24, 2011

Corpus Vacation

So. After all the talk, I really didn't get that many, or that good of, pictures.

Spencer did take this one:
We all know what I look like anyway.
You get a good enough idea with just the half of me.
We did have a busy, fun-filled visit. I just didn't document it with pictures very well.

We saw 4th of July fireworks shot off of the deck of the USS Lexington as we sat atop the tallest building in Corpus Christi.

The next day we actually visited the USS Lexington - a World War II era aircraft carrier that is now a "Museum on the Bay." (This was the only place I remembered to bring the camera with us... and use it.* Turns out it's a two-step process. Who knew?)

Starting on Wednesday our cousins Abby and Megan got to hang out with us. We visited Kingsville, Texas; ate at the Harrel's Kingsville Pharmacy Soda Fountain (Where my dad had a strawberry/banana milkshake that tasted suspiciously like jam. In a cup. We'll never be able to explain it. But, we were all mystified... and a little disgusted...); saw the King Ranch Museum; and shopped at the King Ranch Saddle Shop (Ok. That last one may have been more for my step-mom and me. But, give us a break. It was hot. We deserved it.)

Thursday Papa and Uncle Mike presented a viewing of Diary of a Wimpy Kid for all the kids and Uncle Mike popped popcorn for one and all. I went over to my sister, Brandy's, house and helped clean her garage so she could get ready to move. And, that night, my step-mom honored us with her famous fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cream gravy and green beans. Give me moment... I've gone to my happy place...

Ok. I'm back. 

Friday was a day at the pool for the kids and we were back on the road come Saturday.

So, my pictorial documentation sucks. But, you know what? Visiting Grandparents isn't about the pictures.

It's about memories.

I'm 37-years-old and I can still remember, like it was yesterday, walking into my dad's parents' house as a little girl. Each and every time there would be two metal tins on the washing machine - one of Toll House chocolate chip cookies and one of oatmeal raisin cookies. My Grandpa made them. every. time. I remember the step-stool that served as the extra chair at their kitchen table. I remember the blue bedspreads on their twin guest beds where my sister and I slept. I remember the Ripley's Believe It or Not book in the bookcase (where I learned all about the Loch Ness Monster) and the twisty-block puzzle that would occupy us for hours. I remember how sweet my Grandma was to us - even when I scratched her brand-new refrigerator with magnets.

And, since we've been home? My kids have had "Grandmomma's Cinnamon Toast" every single morning. And they're obsessed with "Propel [Fitness Water] like Papa drinks."

So, memories?

I think we've got them covered.

*And, now. I present to you: The visit to the USS Lexington. (Be prepared to be completely underwhelmed by my photographic genius.)
Elizabeth and a Torpedo
I don't care if it's been disarmed.
This should make us all very nervous.
Spencer the gunner.
You can't tell anyone thinks Uncle Mike is cool, can you?
And, I don't know why, but I think Elizabeth in mid-air
in the background is kinda hysterical.
Uncle Mike is pretty sweet, too.
I think most pilots would tell you "ribbon in the face"
is a very real concern while piloting their crafts.
Lulu in a wheel-well.
Grandmomma ready to catch her before she plummets to the deck.
In the Brig. I asked about bringing this home. They said no.
Notice Elizabeth in the cell on the right.
She's pretending to be "sad [she's] in jail."
Spence takes a more furious view of incarceration.
Grandmomma, Papa, Elizabeth and Spencer at the "Lady Lex"
(and a stranger woman's behind)

Oh wait. Here's a good one:
Papa, Grandmomma, Spence & Lulu
Here's to happy memories.


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